American Chemical Society Student Affiliates

This is supposed to be a slogan. But all the good ones Argon.


About Us

Consider us a covalent bond: we cannot be broke. All students, whether pursuing a career in chemistry, biology, physics, or any of the STEM fields or want to be Bill Nye the Science Guy for the day, are welcome to join ASSCA. We provide endless opportunities to become better acquainted with the students also tackling STEM at F&M, learn from professors and professionals about their scientific endeavors, and foster a safe chemistry community. Biweekly meetings and STEM study halls held in Hackman 412 Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30.

Why join?

When you attend ACSSA meetings, you are joining a group of gifted, passionate, and (just a little bit) quirky students all hoping to make their mark on the scientific community.


Connect with students to gain inside scoop in tackling STEM at F&M and life post-undergrad.


Embrace yourself in a safe space to relieve your STEM woes and remind yourself why you love science.


Learn from faculty and community members about their professional journeys and current projects.

Meet our 2024 officers:

Rebekah Disney Profile

Rebekah Disney

Mark Brugger Profile

Mark Brugger

Club Council Representative
Sachin Balasubramanian Profile

Sachin Balasubramanian

Suzanny Dias Kuhlmann Profile

Suzanny Dias Kuhlmann

PR Director
Tatyana Ulman Profile

Tatyana Ulman

Tuong Nguyen Dinh Cat Profile

Tuong Nguyen Dinh Cat

Event Coordinator
Corissa McDonald Profile

Corissa McDonald

Jennifer Morford Profile

Jennifer Morford